How Dental Attendant Works

Dental Attendant is an AI chatbot that’s purpose-built for dentists.

Dental Attendant lives on your website homepage where he interfaces with patients to answer frequently asked questions, reduce phone traffic, and streamline dental appointment scheduling and follow-ups through a chat interface. He builds your practice and improves service, even when you and your staff are asleep! Dental Attendant also helps collect patient reviews and encourages patients to share their positive experiences on their social media channels.

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Converts Web Traffic
Helps convert web traffic into patients
Reduces Phone Calls
Reduces office phone use and check-in lines
Automates Patient Emails
Executes time consuming patient follow-up emails
Increases Social Reviews
Increases patient reviews via Social Media
Reduces Staff Workload
Reduces your staff workload

What Is An AI Chatbot?

A chat bot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence for conducting conversations by voice or text.  The Dental Attendant AI Chatbot interfaces with your clients so you don’t have to. It can point users to the right part of the website should they need help with anything, as well as schedule appointments, and manage patient intake forms.

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