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Apr 09
making dental attendant

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes that happened in March 2019 in Archer Dental Little Italy.   On that day, Dr Natalie Archer DDS spoke about the merits of Dental Attendant and together we all worked hard to get the messaging right and figure out the best ways to communicate the value of the program.

making dental attendant

While filming Dental Attendant promo video with Dr Natalie Archer DDS at Archer Dental Little Italy

Video photography shoot making dental attendant video with Dr Natalie Archer DDS at Archer Dental Little Italy in Toronto.

Dental Attendant

dental attendant on flatscreen

On making a mascot – our character and mascot design showcase a technologically sophisticated stick man focused on dental services – a man holding a tooth

The iconography is important –  on the web we face a daily barrage of information, data and imagery.  The use of a site mascot can be an effective way to cut through this information overload and connect with the viewer on an emotional level. Mascots and characters can be used as part of a logo, or independently, but the advantage they have over a logo alone is that they have character and a personality all of their own.

ives on your website homepage where he interfaces with patients to answer frequently asked questions, reduce phone traffic, and streamline dental appointment scheduling and follow-ups through the chat interface. He builds your practice and improves service, even when you and your staff are asleep! Dental Attendant also helps collect patient reviews and encourages patients to share their positive experiences on their social media channels.


Dental Attendant logo


Dental Attendant is automatically available to greet visitors and answer their questions.


Dental Attendant is programmed to ask the right questions, gather contact information and only send you leads that are likely to convert.


After information is gathered, Dental Attendant instantly sends contact information to your email, phone or CRM so you or your team can follow up.

Switch to SMS

Our mobile and desktop chat widget includes business text messaging so visitors who need additional help can instantly chat with your staff using the Messaging App.






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