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May 04
Dr Natalie Archer interviewed by Timothy Brown from ROI Corporation

Dr Natalie Archer and Archer Dental’s Operations Manager Joanne Eadie discuss the origins and purpose of the Dental Attendant AI chat bot with Timothy Brown from ROI Corporation. This is a good inside-look at Dental Attendant from an office manager’s perspective and what the system does to help manage patient information requests and streamline appointment booking. (the name of the media) was uploaded from ROI Corporation on Vimeo on Friday 1st May 2020. It runs approximately nine and a half minutes.

The video starts with Dr Archer describing how and why Dental Attendant was created. “We just made it to solve problems,” she says and then she details all the separate problems that app solves.

Next Timothy drills down on the FAQs, frequently asked questions and COVID-19 Patient Appointment Screening program that has just been added to Dental Attendant’s conversational repertoire.  This new screening protocol is really a time saver and so much more efficient than faxing paper forms. Joanne gives insights into Archer Dental’s appointment booking process and details exactly how the technology helps her everyday.

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