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Feb 24
Dr Archer discusses AI software in dentistry

In February 2020, Dr. Natalie Archer DDS discussed Dental Attendant Ai Software with Dr. John O’Keefe, on CDA Oasis. They created a video document:

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work in the Dental Office

CDA Oasis is an online space where Canadian dentists submit their clinical questions and receive rapid credible answers from expert colleagues. Oasis can help Canadian dentists make informed clinical decisions through the use of readily available materials, developed and reviewed by dentists.  CDA Oasis helps dentists stay current on issues that matter to them and the content is managed by Dr. John O’Keefe, CDA director of knowledge networks.

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work in the Dental Office from Canadian Dental Association on Vimeo.

The video begins with Dr. Natalie Archer introducing Dental Attendant.  She explains how her practice, Archer Dental which has three locations in Toronto uses the tool in an administrative fashion. It’s a social chatbot and ‘conversations with web visitors lead to appointments with new patients’. The chatbot was created to solve problems and one issue that Archer Dental experienced was after hours patient queries. ‘Somebody who is online looking for dentistry at three o’clock in the morning is probably in pain,” Dr Archer says, “and with Dental Attendant on your website, visitors can get answers to their questions whenever they like, and there’s always a response.”

Natalie went on the explain how frontline staff now have more time for the patients standing in front of them because there’s less phone traffic due to so many FAQs being answered online so efficiently. She discusses the importance of having incredible customer service before and after dental check-ups and surgery, and spells out some of the nuances of Dental Attendant’s other services and how easy it is to on-board the program onto dental practice websites.

Privacy is discussed too, and some insights are shared regarding the role of a Chief Privacy Officer in a dental business. It’s important to note that the conversations recorded on Dental Attendant are only kept in the cloud for a finite period of time before they’re destroyed. No third party services are ever allowed to use Dental Attendant’s data or any derivative measurements of the information collected.

“Artificial Intelligence is helping solve problems and making things better for dentists,” Dr Archer concludes, and Dental Attendant is a good example of how technology can help dental office administrators be even more awesome at their jobs.

CDA Oasis - Dental Attendant on Vimeo

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