AI Software Streamlines Dental Practices

Dental Attendant is a virtual staff member who lives on your dental office website. He works in the bottom corner of your homepage to help visitors get the information they need to become patients at your dental practice.
Dental Attendant chats with guests online to answer frequently asked questions, reduce phone traffic and streamline dental appointment scheduling.  He also does email follow-ups after patient visits.  Dental Attendant improves service around the clock as he receives incoming messages day and night, and on the weekends. This digital employee helps dentists evolve more efficient practices by collecting patient reviews and by encouraging folks to share their positive experiences on social media.

Dental Attendant:

  • Helps the website convert visitors into patients
  • Reduces office phone use and check-in lines to give front desk workers more time
  • Executes patient follow-up emails effortlessly and collects more information
  • Increases patient reviews and initiates social media marketing

Dental Attendant support software issues easy-to-read reports that are very insightful. Each month the information collected by this digital staff member is graphically presented and key takeaways are highlighted for quick digestion of facts. How many chats happened last week? How many web visitors converted into paying customers? What happened to all the other people who visited the site? How many follow-up emails were sent after patient visits? And what information was collected through these communications? All this data is collected and dispatched at the end of the month. The reports will show the hidden strengths and weaknesses of your dental office.

A Robot’s Intuition?

Dental Attendant knows just when to escalate client interactions, and just which staff member to alert in each situation. The front desk person uses the office phone, Facebook Messenger or regular text messaging to complete conversions. Follow-up emails are also more insightful as patients are prompted later that same day for reactions to the service they experienced, and it’s quite remarkable how humans often feel more comfortable confiding their true feelings to a machine.

Dental Attendant reduces staff workload which allows office administrators to focus their time and attention on higher value / higher return tasks which includes concierge-quality, calm and relaxed front desk reception.

No unreturned voicemails or emails

Dental Attendant reduces distracting phone calls and emails which allows staff to focus on more important tasks in full confidence that all correspondence with the office will be resolved by order of importance, and in a relaxed and professional manner.

Dental Attendant Software

What Dental Attendant Offers

Dental Attendant is Artificial Intelligence or AI technology well-tailored for dentists. While website chatbots are relatively common online, these tools are not often deployed by dental offices because of the customization required to make them efficient. The key to harnessing the power of chatbots is programming high quality custom responses so that all conversations are engaging and informative. Dental Attendant has that covered. He brings professionalism to every encounter and isn’t affected by staff turnover, bad moods or other business developments.  He doesn’t need sleep.

Dental Attendant comes fully trained and knowledgeable with over a hundred FAQ replies and prompts. Because of the way the robot thinks, with artificial intelligence in a continuous improvement loop, he just keeps performing better and better, adjusting to your patients’ particular habits and needs, recognizing new patients versus return customers and moving each transaction toward its correct conclusion.

Dental Attendant is made by dentists for dentists. We know what your patients and staff need the most and so we’ve programmed Dental Attendant to offer:


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our website conversation bot uses AI to engage patients in remarkably natural conversations.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Dental Attendant is always on duty but is smart enough to know when your office is closed. After hours web patient care is a little different – less push to text, and more information.



Dental Attendant helps owners and office administrators understand and manage the most active portion of their database by tracking all patients for life.
The system manages new client acquisitions and also does routine Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tasks by emailing each patient after each visit. The system will also email inactive users to invite them back for regularly scheduled checkups.

Streamline Your Office and Phone Communications

Emotion Recognition

Instant Gratification

Dental Attendant wins patients’ hearts and minds by providing rapid responses to FAQs and by streamlining the appointment booking process.

Omnichannel Integration

Omnichannel Integration

Dental Attendant asks patients for reviews and social mentions on the web which acts as a catalyst to grow the clinic’s profile on review sites.

Online Marketing

Increased Usability

Websites with chat bots rank higher in search indexes. Patients appreciate getting information quickly without having to comb through the dental clinic website’s service pages.

Let Dental Attendant Streamline Your Clinic’s Office and Phone Communications

The results speak for themselves. Dental clinics that adopt the Dental Attendant typically report,


Less Phone Calls66%Less Phone Calls
More Sales24%More Sales
More Profits30%More Profits
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